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Skin By Dings

Body & Face Lotion SPF 50+

Body & Face Lotion SPF 50+

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Sunscreen for your body & face. Hydrating lotion that offers you (and the whole family) a very high, water-resistant UVA and UVB (SPF 50+) protection. 

Sunny Side Of Things is easy to spread and quickly absorbed by your skin, no stickyness. Feel free to forget about those stale, whitening, or glue-like creams. This lotion has been carefully formulated with the perfect balance between ease of use and the most advanced, healthy and safe ingredients. 

Suitable for all skin types (including the most sensitive) and for babies. Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested.

200 ml

Main Ingredients:
Lycopene (from tomato extracts) is a carotenoid, a precursor of vitamin A, which the body converts into vitamin A. Lycopene counteracts skin aging and also offers you very effective natural sun protection. Jojoba seed oil is a skin-friendly and moisturizing oil that your skin absorbs very well. Contains a high concentration of vitamin E, has an anti-inflammatory effect and offers natural UV protection. Boswella Serrata Gum is the resin from a tree in India, which is also used to make incense. The resin soothes the skin, reduces redness and provides comfort. Hyaluronic acid for hydration, it repairs the skin and makes it firmer and more elastic. Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (from coconut oil and glycerine) softens and renews the skin. Prevents moisture loss and moisturizes the skin.  Squalane moisturizes your skin and retains moisture. It prevents fine lines and softens dry spots. Silica is a mineral that optically fades wrinkles and irregularities in your skin by reflecting light. It also works to absorb and regulate sebum. Glycerine (vegetable) hydrates for a long time, prevents dehydration and improves your natural skin barrier. Tinosorb M is a safe stable UVA and UVB filter that is not absorbed by the skin. As a result, this excellent filter has a very low risk of irritation or allergy. Tinosorb S is just like Tinosorb M a top UVA and UVB filter that is not absorbed by the skin. Also protects the most sensitive (childrens') skin.
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