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Gentle, aluminum-free and vegan natural deodorant cream - Hemp is a great, safe choice for sensitive and atopic skin that reacts easily to strong raw materials such as baking soda. This natural deodorant contains high-quality organic ingredients that have natural deodorizing and skin-repairing properties. 

+ Mild, organic ingredients in this natural deodorant pamper sensitive and do not cause skin irritation
+ Antiseptic essential oils and coconut oil prevent sweat odors, white clay and organic rice powder keep the armpits dry
+ Does not stain clothing. If you wear thin, synthetic clothing, let your armpits dry for a while before dressing


No aluminum-free deodorant prevents sweating, the purpose of a natural deodorant is to prevent the smell of sweat. When you switch to a natural product, you can sweat more in the first weeks. This is because your body is going to detox from aluminum salts. This is normal and will pass.

How to use?
Warm a small amount of natural deodorant between your fingers and apply directly to clean underarms. Let it dry for a while and you are ready to go. 

Ingredients: Shea Butter *, Rice Powder *, White Clay **, Hemp Seed Oil *, Coconut Oil *, Black Currant Seed Oil *, Lime Essential Oil *, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil *, Rosemary Extract *, Sunflower Oil *, Tea Tree Oil *, Lavender *, Geraniol ** *, Limonene ***, Linalool ***
* Wild grown or certified organic ingredient
** Ecocert or COSMOS approved ingredient