Maiwe embraces clean and natural skincare principles, botanical ingredients and female entrepreneurship. Maiwe's inspiration comes from Lake Maihue, or Maiwe in its original spelling. This lake in southern Chile is a blue haven amidst ancient woods, endemic plants, and volcanoes. Our treasured rosehips are harvested from wild roses that thrive in these untamed natural surroundings.

Maiwe's skincare line is formulated in Antwerp, Belgium by Maayke Ruyffelaere. Only essential, raw ingredients like natural oils and validated natural actives are used. To protect the delicate balance of the sensitive skin, Maiwe never uses fragrances or other inflammatory ingredients. Maiwe believes in a minimalistic skincare routine: fully protect and nourish your skin with just a few essentials. Our products are suited for all skin types but specifically target aging skin in need of extra hydration and facing occasional breakouts.